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March 15, 2023

Literature Review and Demographic Analysis on Microaggression experienced by Black Youths

The Black population in the Region of Peel represents the second largest visible minority in the Region of Peel. It has steadily increased from 116,265 in 2011 to 137,295 in 2021, with a positive population growth of 18% over the last ten years. Migration is the main driving force behind the population increase in the Region of Peel, where Black families face new challenges in addressing their social, economic, educational, and healthcare needs.

The Peel Institute of Research and Training (PIRT), the research arm of Family Services of Peel (FSP), with the support of the Digital Citizen Contribution Program (DCCP) of the Department of Canadian Heritage, has conducted a literature review and demographic analysis. Online misinformation and disinformation were examined to determine how social media influence people’s perceptions of Black youth within the Region of Peel. 

The literature review produced significant findings about the experiences of Black youth within the Region of Peel. Stereotypes of Black people portrayed in mainstream media have been perpetuated due to misinformation and disinformation on social media. These stereotypes contribute to racial microaggressions. Real-life consequences have been felt, within the education system and in daily life, in public and social spheres, in the workplace, in housing, in healthcare, in financial institutions, as well as with the police.

A demographic analysis was also conducted, examining the demographics of the Region of Peel. This analysis has determined where the highest concentrations of the Black population live in relation to the availability of Black-focused services. It also explored some of the critical life areas mentioned above, such as education, housing, and policing, to determine the Black population’s experiences in the Region of Peel and how they differ.

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