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Meet Lynn

Lynn was dealing with dual diagnosis, housing issues, and increasing debts. She is very creative, was always helping others, and had interests such as art shows and concerts, which were becoming exceedingly costly. Lynn had also accumulated debts that surpassed $1000. In addition, she had spent a lot of her life in and out of shelters and hospitals. Instability in her housing situation as well as budgeting issues left Lynn in a difficult spot.

When Family Services of Peel began working with her, the intention was to increase her self-worth, develop a budgeting plan, and support her to be successfully housed in the community. Doing so would allow Lynn to be independent and give her a basis to move forward in a positive way.

Collaborative efforts between Family Services of Peel and other community partners as well as several case conferences were scheduled to determine the best approach to handle her situation. Payment plans were implemented to pay off her debts and as she had a fixed income, she also had to make some changes as to how much she would spend on leisure activities. For example, limiting the number of art shows or exhibitions she would attend.

In the end, Lynn gained the knowledge and resources to become financially stable and independent. Firstly, she was also able to repay her debts. Secondly, she was able to obtain housing and was very excited to see her name on the lease, as it meant that she had reached her goal of stability and independence.

To protect the privacy of our clients, profiles are made-up composites created for illustration purpose only. The names and identifying details have been changed.