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Meet Marvin

Imagine being sent to a foreign country, not knowing what the future holds and not having support. That was the reality for Marvin. He had been in Canada for a week and was still uncertain about what the future held for him. When Marvin came to register for the Youth Opportunities Program (YOP), he disclosed that he had been working odd jobs just to make ends meet. Marvin had a Master’s Degree and his goal was to obtain a position in the IT industry.

After completing the 3 weeks of workshops, Marvin was not having much success with a placement. He was sent to several interviews all of which were unsuccessful. After receiving further job coaching, Marvin was invited for an interview with a reputable IT company. Not only did he ace the interview, he was also offered a permanent full time position after completing his 16 week placement.

To protect the privacy of our clients, profiles are made-up composites created for illustration purpose only. The names and identifying details have been changed.