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Meet Stefan

After completing the 12 week Partner Assault Response (PAR) program, Stefan wrote a letter explaining his journey in the program. He said that before joining the program, he felt angry and resentful about having to attend. Stefan blamed his partner, the justice system, and the program facilitators. He wrote that the 12 week program had greatly impacted his life, and it had been a learning experience he would never forget.

Stefan said he learned a lot about himself and about relationships in general. After being married for over 20 years, he was beginning to realize that his values do not align with that of his wife. In addition, he said that the biggest lesson learned was listening. Listening to understand, rather than listening to just hear and respond. Stefan shared that he also stopped blaming others for circumstances in his life. He realised why his wife contacted the police, and how his reaction during their fight resulted in him having to attend the program. He was able to understand the reason for his dysfunctional interactions with his partner as well as others. Stefan is more aware of himself and how words and actions can affect others and himself.

Stefan added that he has accepted the past and is looking forward to a better and brighter future, and that he will continue to push himself to be the best he can be.

To protect the privacy of our clients, profiles are made-up composites created for illustration purpose only. The names and identifying details have been changed.

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