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Meet The Quons

The Quon family joined the F&ST program with the intention of building a closer relationship over the 8 weeks cycle. The mom wanted to have a closer bond with her son, and was unsure of how she could do so without being forceful. She found that communicating with her son was difficult and he was having trouble expressing his feelings.

By playing Feelings Charades and Scribbles together every week, it provided the mother and son a structured activity in which they could both express their feelings and improve on their communication. Slowly but surely, they did become closer. What also made a difference was the time they spent together during the 15 minute Special Play time every week.

During the Parent Group, the mother shared that she was surprised to find out that her son enjoyed spending alone time with her. She added that her son had recently gave her a hug and said “I love you”, which was a huge step forward in their relationship. Also, the mother was happy to have shared her parenting experiences in the Parent Group, as she received validation from other parents that it is difficult being a first time parent, but that the bumps in the road are part of the childrearing journey.

To protect the privacy of our clients, profiles are made-up composites created for illustration purpose only. The names and identifying details have been changed.

Meet The Allens

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