Developmental Services
Adults with developmental disabilities can access our services
Adult Protective Service
Supported Independent Living
Adult Protective Service (APS)
Adult Protective Service (APS)
You can access this program if you have or have not been assessed with a developmental disability
Adult Protective Service (APS)
You will be assisted to access assessment and develop and implement a personal individual support that will enhance your ability to live independently in the community
Adult Protective Service (APS)
Supported Independent Living (SIL)
Supported Independent Living (SIL)
Support services are provided to individuals (18 years of age and older) who have been assessed with a developmental disability diagnosis and are living independently
Support provided to:
  • Develop independent daily living skills
  • Improve budgeting and parenting skills
  • Access and manage medical, housing, welfare, legal, employment and other systems as needed
  • Build community resources, such access to recreation centres and clubs
Supported Independent Living (SIL)
To Help People with Developmental Disabilities
Our skilled staff will work with you and community partners to help you set and achieve your personal goals. For info, call our Intake Department at
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To Help People with Development

Just Walk-In
No appointments, free, immediate, private, and confidential Walk-In Counselling is available every Wednesday and Saturday. Meet with our professional and qualified multicultural staff for support, advocacy, and referrals to other available services.
For more information, please call our Intake Department at 905-453-5775 or send an email to [email protected] or visit our website