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About the Institute

History and Structure



The Peel Institute on Violence Prevention organizational structure includes committees with specific responsibilities.  The three actively engaged are the Governance, Scientific, and Seamless Committees.  These committees provide advice, guidance, support, and recommendations to the Institute’s Executive Committee (the Executive Director, Director of Client Services, and Manager of Peel Institute on Violence Prevention at Family Services of Peel).  Members of each committee are listed, as are the Terms of Reference.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee provides strategic directions and strategies on achieving the mandates of the Institute.  The committee is made up of a combination of leaders from academia, policy makers, police, service providers, survivors of violence, and community organizations from the public and private sectors.  The committee members are:

  • Dr. Oyedele Adeyi
  • Atiya Ahsan
  • Chuck MacLean
  • Dr. Firdosi Metha
  • Monica Riutort
  • Sandra Rupnarain
  • Dr. Joan Simalchik

Governance Committee Terms of Reference

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee provides advice, guidance, and support on research, scientific and clinical matters related to violence and violence prevention.  Members are selected through professional and scientific societies, academia, health, education, government, non-governmental, and public sectors.  The committee members are:

  • Huda Abbas
  • Paula DeCoito, PhD
  • Delilah Ofosu-Barko
  • Maria Upenieks, BSc, MD
  • Monica Riutort
  • Sandra Rupnarain
  • Susan Silver, BA, MSW, PhD
  • Trisha Wilson

Scientific Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Seamless Committee

The Seamless Committee consists of community agencies and is a community collaborative.  The committee is engaged in the coordination of mental health, addictions, and trauma services, creating a seamless continuum of service for trauma survivors and developing and providing relevant training for service providers.  The committee members are:

  • Berna Bolanos (Catholic Crosscultural Services – Settlement Services)
  • Eunice Bueno (The Jean Tweed Centre – Trauma, Drug and Addiction Services for Women)
  • Laura Hartley (Peel Committee Against Women Abuse)
  • Elsabeth Jensen (Faculty of Health, Professor, Nursing York University)
  • Shereen Rampersad (Supportive Housing In Peel Housing)
  • Monica Riutort (Family Services of Peel)
  • Sandra Rupnarain (Family Services of Peel)
  • Crystal Shepherd (Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel – Justice Services)
  • Shelina Jeshani (Catholic Family Services of Peel-Dufferin)
  • Jennifer Wiedenmann (Peel Addiction Assessment and Referral Center)


Are you looking to get involved in ground-breaking research that Peel Institute on Violence Prevention is spearheading? Please follow the steps below as per categories:

  1. Category A: Student Practicum- If you are looking to complete Student Practicum hours submit a letter of interest with an updated resume to
  2. Category B: Volunteer – If you are interested in Volunteering as a researcher or writer with the Institute please submit your letter of interest specifying the area of expertise and an updated resume to


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