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Research Projects

Peel Institute of Research & Training’s main objectives are as follows:

  • Enhance the capacities of community-based agencies by developing program evaluation tools to ensure that survivors of violence have access to seamless, interdisciplinary services and support
  • Grow partnerships with diverse communities, service providers and academic institutions to offer innovative, open and flexible research initiatives that are responsive to societal needs
  • Conduct academic and participatory action research on best-practices for the treatment and prevention of violence
  • Engage in policy analysis on current responses to violence
  • Develop violence prevention training initiatives for communities and service providers
  • Foster a culture of life-long learning and development of human-science-based knowledge, research and practice
  • Honour and respect the unique lived experience of all survivors of violence through engagement and participation
  • Close collaboration between service providers and individuals with lived experience of violence to establishing leadership focused on violence prevention