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Human Trafficking

Family Services of Peel was successful in a very competitive proposal process and was awarded 3 year funding to address Human Trafficking.  The focus of this project is to increase the capacity of service providers in Peel Region to be able to effectively support women survivors of trafficking and their families on their journey to recovery and healing.

The Human Trafficking Advisory Committee provides advice, guidance, support, and recommendations with regards to the project, addressing Human Trafficking in Peel.  The committee members are:

  • Alma Arguello
  • Angela Carter
  • Jennifer Martins
  • Nikki Clarke
  • Susan Bartels
  • Svjetlana Delic
  • Katarina MacLeod
  • Firdosi Metha
  • Monica Riutort
  • Sandra Rupnarain
  • Hanni Stoklosa
  • HEAL Trafficking
Project Documents