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Peel Family Pathways Project

The Family Services of Peel, including the Peel Institute of Research and Training, in partnership with Institute for Management & Innovation at the University of Toronto is developing an evidence-based Family Needs Framework through their study that focuses on fully understanding the needs of government-assisted refugees and immigrants.

By doing this, the framework hopes to establish better services for Peel government assisted refugees and immigrants. Upon completed research, the Family Needs Framework should inform settlement practices, impact immigrant and refugee services, and further develop the existing literature on newcomer integration. For more information please visit Home | PFPP (

The Peel Family Pathways Project Advisory Committee provides advice, guidance, support, and recommendations with regards to the project. The committee members are:

(1) Ali Salha, Program Manager, Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services

(2) Berna Bolanos, Manager, Catholic Crosscultural Services

(3) Marta Orellana, Senior Coordinator, OCASI

(4) Najma Iqbal, Community & Labour Market Manager, City of Toronto

(5) Zari Gill, Founding President, Red Shawl

(6) Sandra Rupnarain, Executive Director, Family Services of Peel

Project Documents