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Partner Assault Response (PAR)

Partner Assault Response (PAR) program is a program that addresses violence in intimate partner relationships with the aim of enhancing victim safety and increasing offender accountability.

In conjunction with Ontario’s Domestic Violence Court and Probation and Parole, PAR specializes in group therapy, counseling and psycho-educational services. The PAR Program is a 12-week counselling program designed to assist participants, who committed an assault or similar offence against their partners, to stop their abusive and controlling behaviours.

Topics discussed include:

  • Assessment: narrative, context of precipitating events
  • Exploring healthy relationships
  • Exploring Multi-Causal Model of Domestic Violence: individual, family, societal factors
  • Discussing anger triggers (internal cues: psychological and physiological changes)
  • Exploring power and control issues in relationships
  • Discussing gender roles, men and abuse
  • Exploring family of origin issues as these relate to partner assault
  • Exploring short and long term effects of partner assault

PAR programs aim to enhance victim safety and hold offenders accountable for their behaviour. The program gives offenders the opportunity to examine their beliefs and attitudes towards domestic abuse, and to learn non-abusive ways of resolving conflict. Clients are referred to the program through the court, crown and probation.

PAR clients have to attend an initial intake session PRIOR to accessing a group.

Please be informed that once you have been court-mandated to attend the PAR Program, you must call the Intake Department at (905) 270-2250 Ext. 450 to acquire information on the enrollment procedure. Please contact us or leave a voicemail with your name, phone number, and referral source, and we will respond within 1-3 business days.